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(Message started by: Media & The Buck on Jul 2nd, 2002, 5:16pm)

Title: Editors
Post by Media & The Buck on Jul 2nd, 2002, 5:16pm
:(A Letter To Editors) Trying to present truth along life's tracks-involves more than a recital of ascertainable facts-
while attempting to print truthful events-in a world that revolves around dollars & cents
Is The Media just a buckle in thst big buck belt-reluctant to express the fears that are felt-trying to survive without biting the hand-of sponsors who control the Big Buck Band
What is it worth to have a real free press-dedicated to expose & never to supress-hoping we will all welcome the cost-to keep truth & free speech from ever being lost. Fred Short

Title: Re: Editors
Post by Forum Team on Jul 2nd, 2002, 7:19pm
About Calgary receives nothing from anyone. We own no one anything when it comes to About Calgary and reporting what we see and believe in. I can not speck for others but i can speak truth fully about About Calgary we tell it like we see it and believe it.
Look around the web site there is not one paid for ad.
It cost us alot of money and time to maintain this free resource web site for all to use and hopefully enjoy.

Thank you for posting your opinion, we all have one (a opinion) and should feel free to express it as we see fit..

Title: Re: Editors
Post by Fred Short on Jul 4th, 2002, 11:28pm
Sorry gave you the wrong impression I was referring to our newspapers most certainly not your website.example:The media reported amongst other errors that the young girl Jehovah Witness refused blood because her religion instructs to abstain from blood The truth is it is not her religion rather it is God's Word in The Holy Scriptures THE BIBLE-such that all who claim to be Christains are under the same obligation.
Other relevant facts were not reported such as how many recipients of blood contacted other fatal diseases or how many THOUSANDS of hospitals world wide practice alternative treatment ,and in fact even in Canada Calgary Doctors who agree with Blood Tranfusions are in a minority compared with other Provinces.Lastly how much profit do Hospitals make using Human Blood  ? Take another incident at the Calgary STAMPEDE two weeks ago because of a bomb scare 9000
Jehovah witnesses were commended by the Police for evacuating the building in 12 minutes without any signs of panic -whoever instigated the bomb scare (probally an apostate)thought no doubt a siampede of 9000 Jehovah Witnesses would make the Headlines to please those other Christendom Church Leaders,How dissapointed they were and
how the news Media kept quiet!

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