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G8 Summit - Kananaskis, Alberta
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Calgary's - Kananaskis G8 Events

Read About the G8 Protests Here

G8 Events Pictures | More G8 Events Pictures

G8 Protest March Gap | G8 Police Presence

About Calgary in front of Protest March
G8 Protest March Memorial Park to Stampede Park

G8 Protest March Fort Calgary & G8 Protest Riley Park Picnic

 G8 Last Day Protests Olympic Plaza & Eau Claire

G8 Protest Last Day | G8 Last Day Sunset

Group of Six Billion (G6B)
The People's Summit
Canada & The G8 Agenda For
The 2002 Summit
University of Calgary Office for
University G8 Activities
G8 Activist Network
G8 Environment Ministers
University of Toronto
G8 Online
Government of Alberta
Kananaskis G8 Summit
Government of Canada
Kananaskis G8 Summit
G8 Summit Security
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